Url: .../v2/payments/{year}/{month}

Return payments to the organization over the specified time period. Leaving both the year and month blank will return payments for the current month. Leaving month blank will return all payments for the specified year. Leaving year blank will return all payments for the specified month in the current year.

Return payments for this year (int)(optional)
Return payments for this month (int)(optional)

type: paymentdetails
url: /v2/payments
count: [number of items returned]
items: []
0: {
payment_date: [payment date]
payment_id: NNNNNN
category_id: [category submitted to NNNNNN]
submission_id: [submission this payment is for NNNNNN]
description: [description]
amount: [amount USD]
fee: [fee amount USD]
refunded: [ flag denoting whether this payment has been refunded true/false]
settled: [ flag denoting whether the processing for this payment has completed]
submitter: {
user_id: [submitter user id]
first_name: [first name]
last_name: [last name]
email: [email address]