Submittable API Documentation


The Submittable API lets you access your submission and organization data through a REST API.

Access Token

You'll need to send your Access Token along with every API call. Your Access Token is found in your Submittable account, on the Settings page. The API uses Basic Authentication, your Access Token should be sent as the username portion of the Basic Authentication header.


You can reach the REST API at .... The endpoint requires HTTPS and Basic authentication.

What can you do?

The api currently supports read-only access to your Submittable data. You can retrieve:


Many of the Api methods return lists of objects. Many of these methods support paging. You can specify the page you want and how many items are returned per page. Paged lists include this information for every page returned:

  • current_page: The index of the page returned
  • total_pages: The total number of pages available
  • total_items: The total number of items in the list (not just the total returned in this request)
  • items_per_page: The number of items returned per page. (The actual number returned in the current request is the size of the items: array)
  • items: The actual array of objects requested.